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Picture of traffic lights used at speedways
Barber Motorsports Park uses our LED traffic lights to notify drivers, officials, and spectators at their 740-acre multi-purpose racing facility in Birmingham, Alabama.
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Copywriting strategies directly from the masters (that work for your content)

Content marketing has been the new cool kid in advertising — the web lets us use content to accomplish so much with relatively limited resources. WE ARE GOING TO NEED A LOT OF BOXES LIKE THESE ESPECIALLY FOR THE MOBILE / TOUCH APPS. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THE HAMBURGER MENUS AREN'T ALWAYS SEEN, THESE BOXES HELP MOVE THE USER ALONG BETWEEN VARIOUS PAGES.

But really smart content marketers know enough to steal from their more traditional copywriting brothers and sisters. Because when you learn how to be a copywriter, those old-school elements of persuasion will make everything in your content work better.

Here are 7 copywriting strategies you’ll want to swipe from the rich tradition of direct response copywriting.

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